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Read about the heroes who have joined MAF's overseas adventure. Will you partner with them?

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  • Newnham, Mark and Sarah

    Newnham, Mark and Sarah


    Mark serves as Area Head of Maintenance based in Kenya.

  • Norbury, Fraser and Tracy

    Norbury, Fraser and Tracy

    Ground staff

    Tracy and Fraser serve with MAF in Papua New Guinea. They live in Mount Hagen where Fraser is Head of Finance, and Tracy is MAF PNG's Training Officer. Oliver attends a local school and Rosie serves together in whatever way seems best. They are enjoying working and living there.

  • Parker, Andrew and Liz

    Parker, Andrew and Liz


    Andrew and Liz are serving in Uganda where Andrew is a pilot and Liz is using her teaching skills.

  • Pett, David and Jenny

    Pett, David and Jenny


    Fleet Training Captain in Mareeba

  • Sant, Dom and Sequoia

    Sant, Dom and Sequoia

    Ground staff

    The Sant family arrived in Papua New Guinea in January 2022. Dom and Sequoia are living in Mount Hagen with their three children: Abigail, Emma, and Isaac. As Programme Safety Manager / Technical Skills Training Specialist, Dom is providing support through his experience working in safety and training.

  • Sibthorpe, Ben and Anne

    Sibthorpe, Ben and Anne


    Ben and Anne serve in Mareeba, Australia. Ben is Maintenance Support Specialist to the Bangladesh programme ensuring our planes are safe to fly. His work also takes him to our programmes across Asia and Africa.

  • Simkins, Daniel and Libby

    Simkins, Daniel and Libby

    Ground staff

    We've served with MAF in several countries and are today in Cairns where Daniel serves as Finance Manager. Will you give and pray for us?

  • Smith, Nathanael

    Smith, Nathanael


    Nathanael was the first person to be enrolled on MAF UK’s Engineer Trainee programme. He is spending four years training in the UK before joining an MAF programme. He will be part of a team helping to maintain our planes so we can enable our partners to reach isolated communities. He married Joanna in 2021 and they will be serving together.

  • Stevenson, Fiona

    Stevenson, Fiona

    Ground staff

    Fiona is a member of the team in South Sudan. She serves as Finance Manager after working for many years in various programmes and support offices.

  • Symmonds, Andy and Helen

    Symmonds, Andy and Helen


    Andy is serving as a pilot in Papua New Guinea.