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Read about the heroes who have joined MAF's overseas adventure. Will you partner with them?

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  • Kempsell, Stephen

    Kempsell, Stephen

    Ground staff

    Deputy Operations Manager - Arnhem Land

  • Machell, Steve and Katie

    Machell, Steve and Katie

    Ground staff, Pilot

    Steve is Programme Manager and Pilot in Chad. Katie is African Regional Communications Director based in Chad. They moved there in September 2019. Would you be willing to support them in prayer and regular giving?

  • Moore, Dave and Caroline

    Moore, Dave and Caroline

    Ground staff

    David and Caroline Moore have been married for 30 years, have two adult children, and have felt called to serve MAF using their God-given skills and gifts. They would value your support and prayers, having moved to Papua New Guinea in September 2019. Dave is Building Maintenance and Projects Manager and Caroline is supporting prayer ministry.

  • Neale, Israel and Charlene

    Neale, Israel and Charlene

    Ground staff, Pilot

    We spent 2 years serving in Arnhem Land and now work in Papua New Guinea where Israel is a pilot and Charlene is in training and development.

  • Norbury, Fraser and Tracy

    Norbury, Fraser and Tracy

    Ground staff

    Tracy and Fraser will soon be off to serve with MAF in Papua New Guinea. They will be living in Mount Hagen where Fraser will take up the role of Head of Finance, Oliver will attend a local school and Tracy and Rosie will serve together in whatever way seems best. They are all very excited about what the future holds!

  • Sant, Dom and Sequoia

    Sant, Dom and Sequoia

    Ground staff

    In early 2022, Dom and Sequoia will be moving to Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea with their three children: Abigail, Emma, and Isaac. As Programme Safety Manager / Technical Skills Training Specialist, Dom will be providing support through his experience working in safety and training.

  • Simkins, Daniel and Libby

    Simkins, Daniel and Libby

    Ground staff

    We've served with MAF in several countries and are today in Cairns where Daniel serves as Finance Manager. Will you give and pray for us?

  • Stevenson, Fiona

    Stevenson, Fiona

    Ground staff

    Fiona is a member of the team in Papua New Guinea. She serves as Finance Manager after working for many years in various programmes and support offices.

  • Tordoff, Natasha

    Tordoff, Natasha

    Ground staff

    Natasha is currently building a support team of people who will pray for her and give regular financial gifts to allow her serve with CRMF (Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship) in Papua New Guinea. She hopes to be deployed to Goroka, Papua New Guinea before the end of this year.

  • Vine, Greg and Jill

    Vine, Greg and Jill

    Ground staff, Pilot

    We're with MAF in Uganda where Greg serves as a pilot and Jill as Communications Officer.