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Read about the heroes who have joined MAF's overseas adventure. Will you partner with them?

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  • Gill, Daniel

    Gill, Daniel


    I love aviation and I love God and today I serve with MAF as a pilot in South Sudan. Will you join my support team?

  • Jack, Ruth and Duncan

    Jack, Ruth and Duncan

    Ground staff

    We are serving in Arnhem Land as joint Programme Managers.

  • Johnston, Sam

    Johnston, Sam


    I'm a pilot born and bred Northern Ireland and serving in South Sudan with MAF.

  • Kempsell, Stephen

    Kempsell, Stephen

    Ground staff

    Deputy Operations Manager - Arnhem Land

  • Knighton, Joe and Emma

    Knighton, Joe and Emma


    We're working in Mareeba where Joe trains pilots and Emma is serving at a local hospital. Will you support us?

  • Linkleter, Geoff and Celia

    Linkleter, Geoff and Celia


    Engineer in Uganda

  • Loenen, Jaco and Corrina

    Loenen, Jaco and Corrina


    Pilot in Arnhem Land

  • Machell, Steve and Katie

    Machell, Steve and Katie

    Ground staff, Pilot

    Steve was Programme Manager and Pilot in Kenya where Katie was Information Officer. They are currently in the UK for one year. Steve is working as Special Projects Manager for MAF International. In 2019 they will move to Chad. Will you support them?

  • Moka, Sonali & Satish

    Moka, Sonali & Satish


    Sonali and Satish are travelling from India to serve in Papua New Guinea.

  • Moore, Dave and Caroline

    Moore, Dave and Caroline

    Ground staff

    David & Caroline Moore have been married for 30 years, have two adult Children and have felt called to serve MAF using their God given skills and gifts and would value your support and prayers.