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  • Draper, Mark and Steph

    Draper, Mark and Steph


    Having been accepted by MAF in May 2021 and well on his way to completing his Aircraft Maintenance Licence, the family will move to Uganda in 2022 where Mark will work as an aircraft engineer. Steph also plans to investigate how to use her skills as a midwife to care for the people of Uganda once the family has settled into their new life in Kampala.

  • Feil, John and Tracey

    Feil, John and Tracey

    Ground staff

    John and Tracey Feil, who are from Ampthill in Bedfordshire, are serving in South Sudan. Until recently, John was a chemistry teacher with a passion of flying; this year, he took up the role of Operations Manager for MAF in Juba.

  • Forsyth, Steve and Philippa

    Forsyth, Steve and Philippa

    Ground staff

    Steve is the Country Director for MAF in Uganda.

  • Gill, Daniel

    Gill, Daniel


    I love aviation and I love God and today I serve with MAF as a pilot in South Sudan. Will you join my support team?

  • Hone, Alan and Annette

    Hone, Alan and Annette

    Ground staff

    Alan and Annette have just arrived in Papua New Guinea to serve with MAF for 12 months. They will be based in Mount Hagen where Alan will be exploring a new role within the maintenance team as Infrastructure Projects Manager. Annette will be working out where she can best help -a very exciting prospect!

  • Jack, Ruth and Duncan

    Jack, Ruth and Duncan

    Ground staff

    We are serving in Arnhem Land as joint Programme Managers.

  • Johnston, Sam

    Johnston, Sam


    I'm a pilot born and bred in Northern Ireland and serving in Kenya with MAF.

  • Kempsell, Stephen

    Kempsell, Stephen

    Ground staff

    Deputy Operations Manager - Arnhem Land

  • Knighton, Joe and Emma

    Knighton, Joe and Emma


    We're working in Mareeba where Joe trains pilots and Emma is serving at a local hospital. Will you support us?

  • Linkleter, Geoff and Celia

    Linkleter, Geoff and Celia


    Geoff serves as an Engineer in Uganda.