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William Parkinson

I was raised in a Christian home. As an RAF family we moved up and down the country, with my faith staying strong no matter where we moved to. I first heard about MAF whilst living in North East Scotland when two missionaries spoke at our church (Church of God, Elgin). It showed me there was work to be done for God in the world. Growing up I’ve always had a calling to serve those in need, along with a strong interest in engineering. MAF has given me the opportunity to serve God and be an aeronautical engineer. 


When my father left the military, we settled in Lincolnshire. I attended Locksley Christian School before attending college where I followed my passion and studied mechanical engineering. After college I studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Hull. I then applied to MAF for the trainee aeronautical engineer course, with the goal of doing God’s work. With MAF I will start my training in Scotland at AST for two years of theory, moving onto do two years of practical experience around England before going into the world to serve God and work for MAF.

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Trainee Engineer


UK (training)

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