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Luke Morris


From a young age I have always had a fascination with aircraft and have wanted to work with and around them. To be able to combine my love for the Lord and passion for aviation and flying is an absolute blessing.

Born in 1996, I grew up in Hampshire and I was fortunate to get a taste for aviation and travel from a young age. From the age of five, my parents came to know Jesus through the Alpha course in our local village church. From encountering God’s transformational love, my family all became heavily involved in church life which led to God calling us to overseas mission. By the age of eight I became a missionary kid! Our family firstly served in France and later in South Africa. During these formative years, I witnessed first-hand the life changing impact that Jesus can have. It was while on mission that everything changed for me. We hosted a MAF Pilot, who, during his stay, shared stories of flying into the most remote areas, aiding in Bible translations and provision of aid. I found these stories inspiring, and they lit a fire within me. I knew that this was what I wanted to do with my life: to serve God as a Mission Pilot.

On returning to the UK to finish high school and college, the desire to become a pilot for MAF increased. We looked into privately funding my licenses to become a pilot, but this was cost prohibitive and simply not an option for us. Whilst working in project management I explored ideas of how else I could reach my goal of becoming a MAF pilot. I decided to fund myself and give up a day’s work every week to enrol into a part time aeronautical engineering course. It was through taking this step of faith that later I was offered a full time three-year apprenticeship as an aircraft engineer.

Through the years I had been keeping in touch with MAF, and was always encouraged and inspired by what they were doing to keep growing the ministry. My hope and prayers to join them were only increasing. I continued to pray that one day doors would open, and I could be part of what God was doing through the ministry of MAF as a Pilot.

Then, in 2022, MAF told me about a new opportunity: their Future Pilot Programme. This starts in early 2023, which coincided with when my apprenticeship was due to end. God was answering my prayers and confirming the calling I believed He had placed over my life to be a MAF pilot. I applied and after passing the interviews, several exams, and flying assessments both in the UK and at the training facility MATC in the Netherlands, I am due to start this exciting adventure in January 2023!

I will be enrolled on the Future Pilots Program, with the aim of qualifying and serving as a mission aviation pilot in around 2-3 years time. I am looking forward to seeing The Lord’s plan for my life continue to unfold as I put my faith in Him and see where it will take me with MAF!

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Favourite Bible verse:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13

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