• Their future is bright

    Their future is bright

    September 2020 Appeal

  • Will Relief Scotland coming THIS September!

    Will Relief Scotland coming THIS September!

    Did you intend to make or alter your Will during Will Relief Scotland’s COVID-19 crisis campaign in the spring but never got round to it? Don’t worry because Will Relief 2020 is only a few weeks away, running throughout September and you will be supporting the four charities that make up Will Relief as they walk alongside those living in poverty throughout the world!

  • A special gift for special people

    A special gift for special people

    Wherever we are in the world, our family and friends are being affected dramatically by the coronavirus pandemic. It’s forced all of us to make major changes to the way we live, not least experiencing isolation for the first time.

  • Giving Tuesday Now

    Giving Tuesday Now

    We're providing isolated people with the help they need during this outbreak.

  • The 7&5 Challenge

    The 7&5 Challenge

    Be part of our 75th anniversary and take on The 7&5 Challenge.

  • Lent 2020: Compassion

    Lent 2020: Compassion

    Join us this Lent as we unpack even more from our book of devotions, Recalibrate.

  • Missionary


    It started life as the simple vision of a few Christian airmen. To sow the seeds of peace amid the ruins of war; bringing light to the world’s darkest corners.

  • Passengers


    Whether at the beginning, middle or end of their story, every MAF flight plays a unique part in the life of each passenger.

  • The good fight

    The good fight

    September 2019 Appeal

  • Hundreds of children died

    Hundreds of children died

    July 2019 Appeal