There is famine in Madagascar

Today, nearly 2 million people need emergency food deliveries.

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MAF Pilot Patrick Keller (above) has seen the misery for himself. Today, nearly 2 million people need emergency food deliveries.  For those men, women and children, death from starvation is a daily fear.

MAF has already made a life-saving flight to deliver food to the hungry. Around the world, our aircraft have delivered hundreds of tonnes of food during many crises, and regularly assist partners with their seed planting projects.

In spite of this terrible crisis, we also continue to operate the ‘day-to-day’ flights which we’ve been doing since 1989.

One of the most emotional flights in Madagascar this year came when a health inspector in Ambatomainty said that a woman was having terrible birth complications.

Nurse Tanja Hock confirmed the worst. Without professional intervention, the pregnant woman would not live through the night.

The only way to help this woman was to bring the medical team to her.

Within a couple of hours, MAF Pilot Wouter Nagel was airborne with a surgeon, anaesthetist and Tanja on board his Cessna 208 Caravan.

Amazingly, Tanja was able to deliver the baby without surgical intervention!

She described it as an absolute ‘God-moment’.


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