From the First Day Until Now

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Sounds can conjure up powerful memories: 

Birdsong reminds us of spring.

Church bells take us to a wedding day.

A baby’s cry celebrates life’s first breath.


For people like Subul and his mountainside community, hearing an MAF plane on its approach towards their village provokes instant gratitude, inspirational hope and life-changing faith.

Our MAF team has made a special film about a village in Papua New Guinea which is inspired by real-life events, so you can hear that powerful sound now, and see the transformation an MAF plane can make throughout a person's lifetime.


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For thousands of communities across the developing world, that sound of an MAF aircraft brings excitement like no other – and hope for a better future.


About the film

MAF From the First Day Until Now - MAF plane in the distance


The location

Rugged. Picturesque. Isolated. The film is set in the breath-taking yet unforgiving Highlands Region of Papua New Guinea. In the early 1950s, MAF was the only way to access villages that had never been reached by the outside world. Pivotal to the growth of a strong Church, MAF supported missionaries who planted churches, built Bible schools and shared the Gospel with hundreds of far-flung communities who have now turned to Christ. Future generations will access good schools, modern technology and lifesaving healthcare thanks to MAF’s little planes.

Lapalama – where the shooting for this film took place – is a testament to MAF’s faithful service. Light aircraft still remain the most reliable and efficient means of accessing these areas; providing a vital lifeline to people like Subul and communities such as these. 


Partnering in the Gospel

MAF From the First Day Until Now - Bible Ceremony


Over the last 75 years, MAF has opened up these isolated communities to the outside world and all the development it can bring. By transporting supplies, providing access to education, facilitating medical centres and supporting rural churches, these mountainside villages can thrive. One of the priorities for missionaries in PNG has been translating the scriptures into local languages. For many remote communities, having access to God's Word in a language they understand, is great privilege and a cause for much celebration.


Long into the future

MAF From the First Day Until Now - Handing wooden plane to pilot


MAF is committed to serving rural communities, NGOs, development and relief agencies, local church groups, missionaries, and government departments who are working to change the lives of those living in isolated areas long into the future.

Our vision to transform isolated places with the love of Christ remains the same – from the first day until now.

You can be part of their future.


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Behind the scenes

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