How much has isolation changed your life? While you’re keeping your distance from the world, what do you most long for the freedom to do when it’s ‘all over’?

For the vast majority of people served by MAF, isolation is simply a way of life.

It may be handed down from generation to generation as part of an agrarian tradition or a nomadic existence that is essential to their community. But, more often than not, isolation is a way of life imposed on men, women and children through poverty.

Or worse.

The following story of an MAF flight will transport you momentarily into the life of just one of the countless number of isolated people God has empowered us to help.


Flight to freedom

You are standing at the edge of an airstrip in a remote corner of Arnhem Land, Australia – heart racing, mind overflowing with thoughts.

You feel the warmth of the sun on your cheeks.

Your three-year-old son is standing beside you.

He looks up at you, sensing your anxiety, but is struggling to take in all that is going on around him.

It is all happening so fast.

To your right stand two community police officers. Their presence makes you feel protected, reassured. Safe from harm.

Your face throbs. It is badly swollen and bruised. You are nearly at the point of collapse, exhausted from lack of sleep and days of fighting for your life. But you will make it out alive.

You are about to be flown far, far away from here. Where nobody can hurt you, or your precious son, anymore.


MAF September Appeal MQR The Supporter


The MAF aircraft arrives and you climb aboard, lifting your son into the cabin. You can finally breathe. You have escaped a life that would almost certainly have led to further injury and misery.

Or death.

You are on your way to Gove, a major town. At the women’s shelter there, you will find blessed rest and a place to begin building your new life.

Away from your abuser, your son has a chance to get an education and you can both live freely – not imprisoned by the fear of being attacked.

Heartbreakingly, research shows that – because you are an Indigenous Australian – you are 35 times more likely to be a victim of domestic violence than your white counterpart.


Safe from harm

MAF Arnhem Land has been developing a strong partnership with Crisis Accommodation Gove (CAG) and a network of other women’s shelters across the region.

They take in women in desperate need and provide them with a safe haven and a second chance.

Keeping God’s precious children safe from harm is high-priority, high-impact work.


MAF September Appeal - plane at sunset

Thanks to CAG, women have been helped into employment and children have been enrolled in education.


Their future is bright. 

MAF aims to provide fast, emergency airlifts to any women and children in need across Arnhem Land.

By road, the people living in this vast area can only be reached in the dry season.

That 12-hour journey is an extremely rough ride.

MAF planes can reach these regions, and even remote island communities, in all seasons – flying passengers to safety in under 60 minutes.

As a direct result of your compassion and generosity, MAF planes get to people desperate for freedom quicker than anyone else can.

And, often, because no-one else can.

You help us save lives through your prayers and gifts.

Thank you for your faithful support at such a critical time for isolated people worldwide. People are finding freedom because of you.