MAF Scotland Volunteers Conference 2017

Date: 18 Mar 2017
Location: St Silas Church
Time: 09:30-16:00

It's that time of year again! MAF Scotland's 2017 Spring Volunteers Conference will be held on Saturday 18 March at St Silas Church, Glasgow.

Whether you’re already an MAF volunteer or just thinking about giving us a little of your time this year, please come along to the conference. It will be an interesting and full day of watching films, sharing information and another great opportunity to try out the MAF flight simulator and virtual reality goggles!

You’ll be provided with lunch at this free event, along with ample cups of coffee and tea. It’s your chance to meet with others from around Scotland who share your passion for MAF, swap stories and ideas, and encourage one another as we all endeavour to grow support in Scotland.

We’ll also share Team Scotland’s plans for the year ahead, including event dates and information on where and how we’re going to be using our new display plane. We have excellent resources to give to volunteer speakers, including new films and fundraising packs.

For many of you, the highlight of events such as these is hearing directly from our missionaries in the field via Skype, so we will make every effort to build this into our programme for 2017.

For more information on how to book your place at our 2017 Volunteers Spring Conference, phone the Glasgow office on 0141 332 5222 or email