Clive Parnell in Fife

Date: 23 May 2015
Location: Burntisland Parish Church, East Leven Street, Burntisland, Fife KY3 9DL
Time: 19.30

Clive Parnell in Fife

Since the very beginning, MAF aircraft have provided a tangible means of sharing our God's amazing love. In Scotland, we now have a wonderful opportunity to tell wider audiences about our work and how we share this love.

Throughout 2015, you can book Clive to perform a concert at your own church. It's an opportunity to bless your congregation and reach out in the local community.

Clive has an easy listening style, and his songs create a great atmosphere for worship.

The concerts will showcase Clive singing with his band, followed by a brief MAF presentation that includes a short video.

Clive will also be selling his latest CD, and has decided to bless MAF with 30% of the album's £10 retail price.