• Living with Malaria

    Living with Malaria


    The eye-opening journey of one MAF family who have battled the side-effects of malaria for longer than anyone imagined.

  • Just keep swimming!

    Just keep swimming!


    On 23 September, Nigel Downing took part in a mammoth challenge and swam the Strait of Gibraltar to raise funds for MAF's life-transforming work. 'Doubts constantly bubble up. And I really do not like getting up in the dark at 5.30am most days to go and get wet' ...but that didn't stop him!

  • We are filled with joy

    We are filled with joy


    Thousands of supporters helped MAF celebrate 25 years of ministry in Madagascar. And Madagascar is grateful, as Jo Lamb found out.

  • A passion and an obsession

    A passion and an obsession


    Meet Alasdair. He's completely obsessed with aircraft, and is so passionate about the work of MAF that it made him take up running!

  • Up for the challenge

    Up for the challenge


    After a somewhat merry Christmas, the decision was made that a healthier New Year was needed and we just happened to find the perfect challenge

  • Why fundraise?

    Why fundraise?


    We love reading the reasons why people choose to set up a fundraising page for MAF, and thought you might like to see them too!

  • Experiencing Elcho

    Experiencing Elcho


    Stephanie Gidney tells the story of one MAF family on an Aboriginal island