Volunteer for MAF Youth

MAF has always been about doing mission with friends. That’s what the ‘F’ stands for*.

Volunteer for MAF Youth

We’re creating a community across the UK of young people who love the lost, are passionate about what our planes do and want to be part of the change we’re making across the developing world.  Join us!

Maybe you give killer presentations, maybe you are constantly full of energy or maybe you want the opportunity to develop something new! Whatever your talent or skill MAF Youth can use it.

It’s the Represent! Team's job to share their love of MAF in a way that comes most naturally to them. We provide the platform, you provide the passion.

* Actually it stands for Fellowship but you get the idea.

Find your fit…

Youth speakers

Attend youth groups, churches and organise events in your area to share the MAF story.

Events reps

Come with us to tell the good folks at Soul Survivor, Spring Harvest, New Wine or Momentum about MAF's incredible work.


Create your own role. You may be just the person or talent we were looking for but never knew! Use your talent or passion for a charity that you love.

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