What would life be without Jesus? Who would be our peace, protection and provision if we didn’t know the Lord?


Please make a single gift today and transform lives

Fortunately for Christians, this is a question we’ve not had to consider since the day we were saved by His amazing grace. But there are many who have yet to hear that salvation is at hand – that a loving God yearns to give them the help, hope and healing they so desperately crave.

Thousands of people worldwide have never met a Christian. They have never heard the Good News. They have no idea that God is reaching out to them as He reached out to you and me.

This story from South Sudan is just one example of why your support for MAF is so precious.

'I used to be jealous of white people,’ says Bukulu Edward Mandeson candidly.

‘They were blessed by having the Word of God in their own language. The Bible says that God loves all, but we had no Bible in Baka. We were envious of those who had a Bible in their own language.’ 

But then a broad smile breaks out on the face of the adviser to Maridi’s State Governor.

‘Now I am happy because I have a Baka Bible. God did not forget us.’

In 1979, Bukulu (pictured above) helped SIL International (SIL) with the very beginnings of their painstaking translation of the Bible into the Baka language. However, after a wait of more than 35 years for the first Baka New Testament, there was still no guarantee that the finished books would ever each the people longing to read Scripture for themselves.

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When 300 boxes of Baka Bibles were delivered to the SIL compound in December 2016, no-one there thought they would go any further. The 180-mile journey from the capital Juba to Maridi was considered so dangerous that the road was, to all intents and purposes, closed.

Since 2014, even the UN hadn’t risked sending a convoy down that road.

But MAF supporters continue to ensure that roads aren’t a barrier to the Gospel.

With the handful of available commercial flights unreliable and expensive, MAF became the only option for the Baka Bibles. We stored all 12,000 of them in our freight room and flew them to Maridi – at no cost – whenever we had space on the weekly flight.

Maridi’s State Governor – Africano Mande Gedima – sums up what it feels like to read the Gospel message for the first time. ‘From now on, Jesus Christ will speak to us in Baka!’

Please make a single gift today and transform lives

MAF supporters are so vital to the building of God’s Kingdom. Because of their prayers and gifts, our aircraft can fly missionaries, church leaders and Bibles over mountain and swamp, desert and ice, and reach people’s hearts with the love of God.

Can you remember the first time you read Scripture? Imagine how the love of God is spreading throughout the Baka people now that a Bible written in the language they can read every day is finally available to them! 

Please pray for all isolated people to one day hear the glory of the Gospel and let it transform their lives. And think about how your gift today will spread the joy of salvation, grow the worldwide church and help build God’s Kingdom.

Without the MAF family’s faithful support over many decades there would be countless unreached people in the world. Every gift you can make towards our work will send out the Good News to the unreached people of today that God came down to earth for them.

Thank you for any gift you can make to help us reach the lost souls of this world.

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Please make a single gift today and transform lives