Spread the Gospel through technology

Here is an innovative and exciting way you can help even more remote people to hear Word of God!

Spread the Gospel through technology

For 70 years, MAF has been overcoming barriers so that people - even the most isolated - can receive help, hope and the Gospel.

With your support, we can use aviation and technology together to spread the Gospel and provide a lifeline to even more remote places, and transform even more lives.

Pastor Matthew in Papua New Guinea | MAFLives like Pastor Matthews in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Blinded by illness, you should have seen his face light up when he heard about our audio Bibles!

Through this simple resource, his life has been transformed, and now he's transforming the lives of many others.

Will you help transform even more lives?

The barriers to the Gospel


Papua New Guinea is carved by mountains so rugged and dense with jungle that roads simply cannot reach a large number of places. In fact, our aircraft and radio services are the only lifeline many communities have.

For remote people to hear the Gospel and receive sound biblical resources, these access issues are a serious challenge.

Not enough Bibles!

Did you know that many pastors in PNG still don't have a basic Bible with which to lead their Church? And how can churchgoers check if what is being taught is right unless they have a Bible? Providing good, sound teaching is vitally important to ensure the Church is grounded in truth.

And we are finding that people are hungry for the Gospel!

Language & literacy

There are more than 800 languages in PNG alone! Literacy rates can vary, and some societies are oral and have no written form of communication. And, like Pastor Matthew, some cannot read due to disabilities.

Here's what we're doing about it

MAF pilot explains how to get biblical resources on a mobile | MAFMAF Technology Services helps missions and churches by providing resources for their ministries.

Through audio, phones, tablets and computers, radio (and of course, aircraft), we are spreading biblical resources across PNG and are providing a vital lifeline to those in isolation.

Here are 4 ways we use technology to speed the Gospel.

Two men with solar Bibles | MAFBy removing the barriers of language, distance and disability, so many more people can be reached and the Gospel shared, simply by equipping people like Pastor Matthew with the tools they need.

The great thing is, people in PNG are hungry for God's Word! Wherever we land, our box of discounted Bibles are quickly sold out. We are experiencing huge demand for biblical resources and IT training and flights for the Church and missionaries. In fact, almost every missionary in PNG uses at least one of our services!

We're excited to use aviation and technology together to reach remote communities and what a blessing that, even today, biblical truths are being shared and spread in new and exciting ways.

Will you partner with us so that we can give the Gospel wings to reach even more people?

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4 technologies that speed the Gospel

1. Bible boxes

Bible box carried by MAF pilots in Papua New GuineaWherever MAF flies in PNG, our pilots take a box of Bibles - print and audio - along with other Christian literature, with them. There is such a hunger for God's word that these items quickly run out whenever they land!

Everywhere we go, we are told, 'You should have brought more Bibles! Bring more! Bring more!'

2. Renewable technology

Solar light and wind up radio | MAFPeople living in remote places in PNG find it difficult to obtain sufficient fuel for lighting. After working during and day, they have limited time to prepare food before it gets dark - after which there's not much they can do.

But MAF can make renewable technology like solar lamps available at subsidised prices. People hungry for reading the Bible can now enjoy fellowship and study together at the end of the day.

With up to 10 power cuts a day in PNG's towns, the provision of solar power for church and missionary run hospitals plays a vital role in enabling them to keep functioning.

3. Bible on a mobile

WIFIBible is becoming available on public transport in Papua New Guinea | MAFWe enable Bibles and Christian resources to be available at the touch of a button on smartphones, tablets and computers. We also provide audio Bibles for those who can't read, and we're flying these across the country.

In oral societies, solar-powered MP3 players loaded with a Tok Pisin Bible or children's stories stories about Jesus reach the hearts of many who've never heard the Gospel. They also equip rural pastors who have no formal training, Sunday School teachers, churches and house groups.

And now God's Word is even available on buses! Our exciting new WIFIBible is providing another technological answer to spreading the Gospel in PNG.

'One guy who I showed how to download the Bible said, "That's what I have been looking so long for, to get the Bible on my mobile."'

Lukas Schadegg, MAF Technology Services

 4. IT training for the Church

Pastors undergoing computer training | MAF

We know that equipping pastors for today's Church means more than just giving access to digital resources. That's why we provide pastors with IT courses ranging from the very basics - turning on a computer and using a mouse - to more advanced skills such as creating weekly church news sheets and bookkeeping.

Local church leaders are eager to complete this course before embarking on theological training. It's a stepping stone to reaching remote communities with God's precious Word.

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