Today, unimaginable suffering, continued violence, disrupted livelihoods, hunger and food insecurity threaten this already shattered nation. Will you pray with us for South Sudan?

The conflict that began in 2013 and escalated in July 2016 is has meant:

  • 2.1 million people are Internally Displaced People (IDPs) living in refugee camps within South Sudan
  • More than 1.4 milion have fled to neighbouring countries as refugees - 70,000 have fled to Uganda in the last month alone
  • 86% of refugees are women and children
  • 4.8 million people are currently experiencing or at risk of hunger due to the recently declared famine, including 650,000 people in Unity State alone

Pilot Eivind's prayer

‘South Sudan is in the grip of a humanitarian crisis and it needs your prayers, please pray with us that this young nation will not always have to strive like this.

‘Pray that individuals will receive Christ in their hearts and the people will receive Christ in their hearts because when people receive Christ their hearts are changed, and when their hearts are changed, communities are changed, countries are changed.’ Eivind Lindtjørn, MAF Pilot

Pray for a hurting nation that:

  • There would be an end to the cycle of fighting and violence so that peace and reconciliation can begin
  • The Church will be courageous and spirit-filled as it seeks to minister peace and reconciliation
  • Food aid and medical care will reach those in greatest need; the rainy season has cut off parts of the country, making access difficult
  • Vulnerable women and children would be protected - tragically there have been many reported cases of the killing and abuse of children
  • Those separated from family members by fighting would be reunited in a place of safety
  • Those grieving the loss of family through violence, hunger or disease would be comforted
  • Pray for genuine transformation in the hearts of people deep in a culture of cattle raids and revenge to peace and the will to build and develop the nation.

How can I pray for MAF in South Sudan?

  • Pray for safety for pilots flying in and out of areas of insecurity to evacuate NGO staff and deliver essential supplies
  • Pray for wisdom to discern airstrip conditions in the rainy season (April - November)
  • Pray for strength for our team our partners and for good relations with the authorities.