Please help us to continue saving lives

All the food in the world won’t save a single malnourished person it can’t reach. This is where MAF comes in

Please help us to continue saving lives

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In famine-hit South Sudan, there are major obstacles when it comes to food and medical help reaching the millions in need of it.

Regardless of the dangers to aid convoys in unstable areas of civil war and banditry, the road network in South Sudan is scarce, unpaved and completely impassable in the swamp-like rainy seasons.

This is why dozens of relief agencies call on MAF to provide regular flights so that supplies and manpower can continue to keep their vital life-saving projects going. Regular flights are the backbone of our pilots’ demanding flight schedules in these desperate times.

Without regular flights, the work of many agencies is compromised. And that means less lives saved and less hope where it is so much needed.

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Saving children like Khasim

Khasim with his mother at Medair's Stabilisation Centre near Renk, South Sudan. Six-month-old Khasim barely survived the journey to Medair's Stabilisation Centre near Renk in the far north-east. Severely malnourished, his upper arm was the size of an adult thumb. His mother had to flee with the family due to violence, and arrived just in time to save him.

The Medair team immediately put him on antibiotics and a special-formula therapeutic milk – all supplied by MAF plane. Another precious life saved.

ʻMedair is very grateful for the partnership we have with MAF. We are working in a very remote area of South Sudan, which is hard to reach by other means of transport. Our flying partner MAF provides a lifesaving service in bringing in supplies for our health and nutrition program. They literally go a long way to make our work in Renk possible! We have the privilege of witnessing the impact for the people we serve here such as the children in the Stabilisation Centre. I want to sincerely thank MAF for enabling us to keep carrying out this service.ʼ

Frances Oakley, Medair's Health and Nutrition Manager in Renk

Overcoming malnutrition

Malnourished child in South Sudan receives Plumpy'Nut foodFollowing a new eruption of violence in Juba, South Sudan in July, MAF continues to fly much needed supplies to our partner Tearfund in the remote village of Motot for their nutrition program for pregnant and lactating mothers and children fighting acute malnutrition.

“Thanks for the important service that MAF is providing. MAF has helped to deliver supplies like Plumpy'Nut for children under five suffering from Severe Acute Malnutrition, and Corn and Soy Bean for pregnant and lactating mothers suffering from Moderate Acute Malnutrition. Thank you for your prompt delivery which helped the services continue.”

Enkas Chau, Tearfund’s Area Co-ordinator in Motot

Regular flights are made possible by the regular help given by supporters.  By helping MAF with a monthly gift, you can help us to be there for the long-term.

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