Music we can fly to

Here's an exciting new way for you to buy great Christian music as well as supporting MAF at the same time.

Music we can fly to

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with Music4Mission which allows you to download the best in new Christian music and support us at the same time!

It is a simple idea that can bring very positive results. Every month you'll be able to listen to your favourite artists and discover new acts while donating to the work we do on a regular basis.

That's because the team over at Music4Mission have created a new Christian music subscription opportunity especially for you. When you subscribe you'll receive a monthly link with three new full albums to download. They're yours to keep once you've saved them, but at the end of each month they'll be replaced by three new albums.

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How it works

There are no tie-ins or hidden extras with your subscription and you are free to stop at any point. Each month you'll receive notifications of when albums are ready to download.

The subscription is just £14.99 per month of which a whopping £7.50 goes straight to us! £3 goes to the featured artists each month and the rest remains with Music4Mission for administration.

We are so excited about this new partnership and we know you are going to love it. Your subscription will help us continue doing what we do as a charity.

Subscribe today and become part of this new and exciting adventure with us.

Thank you so so much for supporting us through this brand new and unique innovation in charitable giving through Christian Music.

Subscribe to Christian music today