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APPEAL: The world's remotest communities have least access to healthcare, education and opportunities. This includes eye care. But with your help, we can overcome barriers and transform the lives of blind and impoverished people.

What's it like to live with cataracts? Jose knows first-hand it means he cannot read, write, work or take care of others. 

His condition is highly treatable. But because of where he lives - a remote enclave of Timor-Leste - his chances of getting help is slim.

We think it's not right that blind or sick people cannot access the help they need, simply because of where they live.

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How aircraft make a difference

Access to eye care is extremely difficult for those living in remote areas. Families often travel for hours by foot to obtain even basic medical treatment.

Because MAF's aircraft can overcome the barriers of weak infrastructure, mountains and distance, the time between the eye teams and the people who most need them is vastly reduced.

This means that the volunteer eye surgeons can spend less time travelling on dangerous roads and more time transforming lives. In fact, they have increased the number of operations that take place by more than 30 each day!

MAF makes so much more possible... that's why I love MAF!

Andrew Koch, Director of ProVision

Gertrudis has her sight back and her life has been transformedGertrudis da Silva also had her sight saved when MAF flew ProVision eye experts into her village in Timor-Leste. Smiling from ear to ear after her cataract operation, she told the team they had 'changed my life forever.'

'MAF makes so much more possible,' says ProVision director and optometrist Andrew Koch, 'It gives me the freedom to do what I can do with all of my energy. Every day, we help people to regain their sight, and become more independent and productive as a result. We see lives changed through this, every day in every visit, and often in unexpected ways. That's why I love MAF!'

That's hundreds of lives transformed.

But it doesn't stop there. Because we operate the only fixed-wing aircraft in Timor-Leste, other medical and development agencies also depend on MAF to reach remote areas. The result is that their efficiency is multiplied.

The Ministry of Health depends on us to carry our emergency medical flights from remote areas to hospitals. Over 800 life-saving medevac flights have been carried out since we started flying in 2007. 

Will you help support MAF so that medical team can reach those in greatest need?

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