Help is coming to South Sudan

Have you ever faced a moment when, for a split second, you thought, 'I won't make it'?

Help is coming to South Sudan

For the 1.5 million people still internally displaced in South Sudan, that fear is a daily reality.

In desperate places like South Sudan, the sound of an MAF plane arriving speaks the kind of hope that says, 'You can make it. Help is coming.'

That's the hope you can bring to someone in desperate need today.

Help today

While villagers and IDPs watch, cargo for Medair is unloaded from the MAF Caravan at Ganyiel in South Sudan.

We heard so many stories last year where our planes did just that. MAF flights delivered help to thousands of poor and desperate people in need.

Here are just a few of them:

A chance to survive
Stretching thin
Life in a bar
Impacting South Sudan

'I'm very grateful to MAF. If we don't fly, it takes us two days by road. MAF is helping us a lot. May God bless MAF, and may the organisation live long.'

David Manana, health tutor in Maridi

Your gift will fly vital and life-saving cargo into areas of acute need.

Will you say 'help is coming' today?

Help today