Help Dut’s vision come true!

Ten years ago, a young man had a vision of a plane delivering food to the starving people of his country. And he was the pilot!

Help Dut’s vision come true!

Make a single gift towards the plane

Hello, my name is Dut Agwang. God willing, I will qualify as MAF’s first South Sudanese pilot later this year.

May I tell you how I came to be ‘flying for life’ with MAF?

I was a war baby – born to Christian parents in 1985 during the second Sudanese Civil War. My grandfather was also a Christian, having turned from traditional beliefs to embracing Christ’s love and spending the rest of his life preaching the Gospel and baptising converts.

Life has been hard. In 1989, we had to flee our home town of Bor, in southern Sudan. Along with my parents, four brothers and an older sister, I escaped to Ethiopia to take refuge from the horrific violence, famine and disease that claimed two million lives.

The tragic death toll includes our father who died from malnutrition and the youngest of our brothers – a victim of the cholera epidemic.

After years of moving in and out of countries and camps, I passed my secondary school exams at Kakuma Refugee Camp in northern Kenya. But I had no money to continue my studies, so I returned to my home country in 2007.

Not knowing where the future would take me, I hitched a lift on the back of an army truck to get to the city of Juba. It was then I had the vision of me flying a plane!

It’s a vision I believe you will turn into a reality because I know you love my country.

Make a single gift towards the plane

My country needs you!

Health Nutrition and WASH services in Abayok Renk

Ten years ago, God placed me in a job next door to a pilot recruitment agency. I was one of only 11 people chosen to go to South Africa where I qualified as a commercial pilot. 

While there, I met MAF pilots Adrian Rose and Mike Dupuis. Back in Juba, I joined the MAF team – first as a bookings clerk, then later as Ground Operations Co-ordinator.

I waited patiently and prayed for the opportunity to begin pilot training with MAF, believing with my whole heart that God wants me to fly for Him.

After six years of refresher courses, licence revalidation, ground school and – finally – acceptance on to the programme, I’m about to qualify as MAF’s first South Sudanese pilot!

Like you, I love the purpose and mission of MAF and I’m inspired by the way our pilots devote their lives to others through the strenuous challenges of mission. 

I am one of them now, and we need your help to buy a new plane for the South Sudan fleet.

Make a single gift towards the plane


Help us buy a plane - totalizer - £1,249,916


Help us buy a plane!

Man loading yellow bed into MAF plane

The plane we need is a Cessna Grand Caravan – a wonderful aircraft which MAF uses to bring the glory of God into people’s lives around the world. It may not be the exact same plane I saw in my vision, but I do believe that you can help buy one for my country!

MAF’s aircraft have been flying in Sudan since 1950. So, when South Sudan gained independence in 2011, the MAF team was ideally placed to transport the dozens of organisations helping us to survive our first troubled years. 

This year, MAF increased the number of pilots in my country and – as you may have heard – built additional housing for the team as part of our long-term commitment to the people.

Known as ‘the work-horse of the skies’, every
Cessna 208 Caravan is an essential part
of MAF’s modern ministry.

The Caravan is one of the most versatile aircraft in history with an unrivalled combination of strength, payload, and reliability. MAF has 32 Caravans in service worldwide. The larger ‘Grand Caravan’ version carries up to 13 passengers, or more than a tonne of essential supplies, to the planet’s most isolated people.

Famously rugged and dependable, MAF’s Caravans are modified to make them suitable for regular use on the roughest airstrips.

Engineers, pilots, missionaries, doctors, nurses, bishops, aid workers and government officials love the Caravan – it makes their work possible and transforms the lives of the men, women and children they serve.


Girls under MAF tailplane

Please give whatever you can towards this much-needed aircraft because it will transform lives. My people’s need for friends like you is immense right now.


They face war, disease and famine. Your love – the love of God – has kept a light shining through the darkest times. My faith in God’s love has kept my vision alive, just as He has kept my country alive.    

‘I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
your old men will dream dreams,
your young men will see visions’
(Joel 2:28)

Please help my vision become a reality and change the lives of millions.

Make a single gift towards the plane