Haiti emergency appeal

Please give what you can and help MAF aircraft reach the 750,000 people needing emergency help after hurricane Matthew.

Haiti emergency appeal


An estimated 750,000 people need urgency help after hurricane Matthew destroyed homes, crops, livelihoods and infrastructure in southern Haiti. 

Because roads, bridges and communications have been damaged, it is difficult for aid agencies to reach those most affected.

Hurricane survivors in Haiti. Photo credit Global Empowerment MissionMAF has been flying in Haiti for 30 years and aid agencies are looking to us to reach cut-off and remote areas as quickly as possible to assess where the greatest needs are and to fly in emergency food and aid.

As many as 90% of homes in some remote areas have been destroyed and food shortages and disease are growing threats.

This is a major disaster for Haiti and we anticipate our three aircraft to be in massive demand in the weeks ahead to deliver aid and workers as quickly as possible.

Please donate today and help us reach those in greatest need.


This project was part funded by the British people - DFID