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Loretta receives an urgent medevac flight with MAF

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MAF planes save lives

Eric and Loretta were expecting their first child – a joyful occasion for most expectant parents.

But, after an entire day of mild contractions and no signs that the birth was imminent, they realised Loretta (pictured above) desperately needed medical help that their remote village in Papua New Guinea was unable to provide.

On foot, the nearest hospital from their home in Debepare is a week away. Could you even contemplate such a journey if you were pregnant? What if you were already in labour?

Loretta's baby is safely delivered in PNG

Fortunately, an MAF plane was on hand to give the couple their first-ever flight. Within hours, crisis was averted by the brilliant staff at Rumginae Rural Hospital. Loretta was given emergency medical support and fears that her baby would die were replaced by a little bundle of joy that Mum and Dad instantly named Steven, one of the MAF pilot based at Rumginae.

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When MAF supporters commit to a monthly gift, our lifelines around the world can instantly commit to more flights like the one that brought baby Steven into this world.

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