Fill jerrycans to help fuel more life-saving flights

What does a plane mean to you? To Atrin, it meant the hope of survival. Help fuel Atrin's fight for life. Because thousands of women and children like Atrin need to know help is coming.

Atrin had no choice but to run. Soldiers closed in on her village shooting dead her husband and forcing her to flee for her life. Seven months pregnant, Atrin walked for a week, carrying her two-year-old son in her arms.

Heartbroken, hungry, weak and scared – she finally reached a place of safety.

Only when the plane comes

For internally displaced people like Atrin, the plane provides an essential lifeline in times of adversity.

As well as transporting medical staff and patients to hospitals, MAF planes can enable the delivery of life-saving supplies to isolated locations and fly emergency medicine to remote clinics, giving thousands of people access to the support they need.

But they can’t fly anywhere without your help.

Will you help fill jerrycans with fuel?

How far can fuel take MAF?

Fuel transforms lives. Please help us fuel more life-saving flights today.

Fuel life-saving flights


Unloading aid supplies from the MAF aircraft in South Sudan