Fill a jerrycan with fuel

Imagine an expectant mother after 24 hours of labour. She’s desperate for medical help. The 8-hour walk is not an option.

Fill a jerrycan with fuel

It's a matter of life and death.

Peggy didn't have to imagine. One radio call, one plane, one 20-minute flight and help arrived.

Peggy recieving medically aid.

Will you buy a jerrycan of fuel?

Around the world, 1,500 women die every day due to complications in pregnancy or childbirth. Every day, 10,000 babies die within their first month of life.

11,500 deaths every day. Most are medically avoidable. Most in developing countries.

Peggy and her baby are alive and well because of MAF. Two lives saved out of 11,500.

You can change the statistics. £20 could save two lives.

Fill a jerrycan