Choose a life-saving safari flight

You won't find these safaris in your holiday brochure... but for thousands of remote Tanzania people, they are the only way transformational help and hope arrives.

Choose a life-saving safari flight

Safari is the Swahili word for 'journey'. Our safari flights are journeys vital to the well-being of thousands of Tanzanian people who live a long way from medical care.

The flights bring:

✈ God's love to forgotten people
✈ Doctors and nurses to help mothers and babies unable to access healthcare
✈ Lasting transformation and hope to many remote and isolated communities, as the children live healthier lives and as people come to know Christ.

You can make a safari flight of your choice possible, right now.

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The Kilimatinde safari

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Every month, MAF flies medical staff from Kilimatinde Hospital to several remote and needy villages in the region over three days.

This enables people who would otherwise have no access to healthcare to receive medical treatment.

Also on board are pastors and evangelists from Dodoma. As well as a service for the adults, the team reaches hundreds of children at the local schools and also organises a Sunday school for young children. The future for Tanzania lies with the children, so this ministry has long-term benefits.

MAF Pilot Kirstein Combrink would like you to introduce you to two people whose lives are being transformed in Tanzania.

Meet Mwajuma

Mwajuma, beneficiary of the MAF Kilimatinde Safari in TanzaniaMwajuma Ndangwenda is expecting a baby! The 30-year-old from the Barabaig tribe is one of many expectant mothers the medical team sees in the village of Dabia.

The pre-natal exam helps to see whether the pregnancy is progressing smoothly. If complications are seen that might arise during childbirth, she will be taken to the hospital to give birth. This beneficial service extends to people beyond the village. Mjajuma had to walk for four hours to reach this clinic!

Meet Velonika

Velonika, MAF beneficiary on the Kilimatinde safari in TanzaniaThirty-eight year old Velonika Filipomathias lives in the village of Chidudu and has come to the clinic since the day it started. 'We didn't have a clinic for women and children, but when MAF started this ministry, there were many, many changes in this area for all the people,' she says, sitting under the towering acacia tree. 'Now we have improvement in our health. Also, we didn't have a place of worship to hear the Word of God, but now even the children know to worship God. They have a chance to learn about Jesus.'

Many years ago, Velonika suffered from an illness that caused terrible headaches and stomach pain. One day, she accepted prayer from the evangelistic team and became well. 'It was a big change for me,' she explains, 'and I believed in Jesus because of that ministry.'

Life didn't miraculously turn around to be trouble-free, however. It never is for people living in the bush. In 2012 her one-year old baby boy, Emmanuel, became seriously ill with malaria the week before MAF was due to arrive with the medical team. After the nurses examined the boy, he was immediately flown to Kilimatinde Hospital, but it was too late. In spite of the pain of losing her baby, she remembered with gratitude that MAF took her child to the hospital.

'There's such a big problem of transport, so when MAF comes here to help take our children to Kilimatinde or Dodoma Hospital, we're so thankful for that, and we still need this service,' Velonika said.

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The Malambo safari

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In northern Tanzania, difficulties relating to education, health and faith impact on people's well-being and future. But with God's help all barriers can be overcome.

MAF Pilot Jarkko Korhonen would like you to introduce you to two of his passengers who are transforming lives in Tanzania.

Meet Elisabeth

Elisabeth Robert, Maasai believer, MAF, TanzaniaElisabeth Robert used to believe in many gods living in mountains or in thunder. Today she gives her testimony to the villagers of northern Tanzania.

'I believe in one, true God who came to the world as a man. Jesus is our saviour and the Holy Spirit our guide. Jesus built a bridge between God and man so we can pray to Him directly.'

Thanks to evangelists like Elisabeth, people have accepted Christ as their saviour. But, converting to Christianity is still a difficult process and can result in conflicts. Some Christians are targets of violence and have to face rejection within the community. Despite these dangers, Elisabeth trusts in the Holy Spirit. She explains with great joy that ever since she became a Christian her relationship to her husband has improved.

Meet Elisha

Elisha Olemoin - Maasai evangelistElisha Olemoin has seen how Christianity has impacted on the people's education.

'Before the Gospel was preached, there were only a few children in the school. Now there are hundreds of them in large classes – one teacher can have up to 200 students!'

Elisha himself is teaching religious education at nearby schools. There is also a bible school, where villagers can study church history, the Old and New Testament, the basics of agriculture and participate in activities for the elderly. The studies start with a discipleship course and students practice in the parishes and teach in villages.

There is great hope that this increase in educational levels will eventually enable the local people to fulfil God's plans for them and shape their own future.

Your donation will mean we can continue to send evangelists like Elisabeth and Elisha to villages in the Malambo area every month.

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