70 years of help, hope and healing

APPEAL: In the early days of MAF, many believed our planes and pilots would not be needed in the developing world by 2016. However, isolated communities are now in even greater need of God’s love than when we started our mission.

It all began in Africa with one small plane, and one small lifeline for missionaries in Sudan. That first Gemini aircraft crashed but the faith of MAF founders like Stuart King, and the unwavering support of people like you, kept the mission alive.

Today, as you can see from the video, MAF is in "more than" just one country... 25 to be exact! Your compassion and commitment now 'fuels' life-saving flights worldwide, ensuring God's love arrives in answer to the most desperate pleas from people who live furthest from help.

Can you fuel a flight today?

Please give help, hope and healing to people in 25 countries

A young nation in great need

The civil war in South Sudan, which began in December 2013, has displaced more than one million people inside the country and forced at least half a million more to flee to neighbouring Kenya, Sudan or Uganda.

Today, in South Sudan, over 250,000 children face starvation.

A fragile peace agreement has halted civil war, allowing MAF to fly more humanitarian agencies to more families in desperate need of food, clothing and shelter.

I can't even begin to estimate how many tons of relief cargo and movement of personnel MAF has helped us with this past year, much less the many years past.

Debbie Kitchel, Chief Executive Officer of Christian Mission Aid

Heeding God's call through three civil wars, famines and the formation of an independent South Sudan, we continue to fly Church and mission organisations to communities in desperate need. But we can't even get off the ground without you.

South Sudan is in even greater need of God's love than when MAF started its mission 70 years ago. The South Sudanese people need you to keep that mission flying into the future.

He was always ahead of us

In his book Hope has Wings, Stuart quotes a prayer told to him by a man from the Anuak tribe in what is now South Sudan, many decades ago: 'Lord God, bless the men with the plane and keep them safe. I don't know, Lord, how you keep up with them, they fly so fast.'

Stuart goes on to say, 'We are grateful that God could more than keep up with us. He was always ahead.'

We praise God for the faith which has been shared in remote communities during the past seven decades, regardless of high mountains, dense forests and the flood plains of great rivers.

Your gift can keep MAF ahead of devastation and disaster, ensuring that help, hope and healing will continue to be flown into countries like South Sudan for the next 70 years.

Please give help, hope and healing today