Fifteen years of brutal civil war – and the devastating impact of 2014’s Ebola outbreak – have forced the men, women and children of Liberia to endure great hardship and suffering. Many Liberians are in desperate physical and spiritual need; a situation that MAF and its partner organisations in the country are determined to address.

Even before the 2014 Ebola outbreak, conflict-shattered transport infrastructure meant that three-quarters of Liberia’s population were isolated from the help needed to lift themselves out of poverty. When Ebola swept through these impoverished communities, the terrible transport situation severely hampered efforts to contain the disease.

Thankfully, MAF’s flight services are now providing a solution to Liberia’s problem of poverty in isolation. Enabling safe, speedy access to remote communities, the difference MAF is making is real and profound. A flight from Fish Town in south-western Liberia to the capital Monrovia now takes just 1.5 hours; the same journey would take upwards of two days by road! 

‘Our partnership with MAF has made it possible for us to work as extensively as we do in the southeast. Given how remote it is and how reliably we can get vehicles back and forth, if we didn’t have MAF we would really struggle to do work this far out, particularly when we think about our staff’s time and comfort.’

Ian Mountjoy, Director of Operations, Partners in Health (2017)

Additional housing for an expanding programme 

The MAF team in Liberia currently consists of three families, with a fourth family expected to join in the future. Two of these families have already been able to move into purpose-built houses in MAF's Monrovia compound, but one family is currently in rented housing. In order to properly house all the current MAF staff, and also to accommodate future expansion of the programme, there is an urgent need to construct two additional houses in Monrovia.

The total cost of constructing these new homes will be £182,000 – including furniture and fittings. This represents significant long-term savings over utilising rented accommodation elsewhere in Monrovia, and will also have great benefits in terms of security provision and team cohesion. 

Please contact us at or alternatively, telephone us on 01303 851948 for more information on how you can partner with us on this essential project.