Despite recent economic growth, Bangladesh remains one of the poorest and most densely populated countries in the world. One third of the country is covered in water.

Transport infrastructure is very poor in Bangladesh, with a limited road network, few airports, and only a small number of vehicle ferries on the numerous rivers. The need to reach the ‘extreme poor’ of Bangladesh, means that Mission Aviation Fellowship’s (MAF) amphibious aircraft, the only such aircraft operating in Bangladesh, is essential in ensuring that urgently needed help reaches these marginalised people.

MAF provides support to over 100 NGO and development organisations bringing aid and relief in Bangladesh. 

We enable NGO workers, agencies, and missions to set up base and work in the remotest locations, those most prone to disaster and flooding, where the most disadvantaged people live. The lack of development and basic services in these isolated and inaccessible areas is directly attributable to their geographic location.

"If we didn't have MAF, we'd have a 15-hour road journey - if the road is open!
With MAF we can get there quickly."Dave Mather, Bangladesh Red Crescent Society

MAF's amphibious Caravan and children in Bangladesh

Doubling capacity: doubling impact

MAF’s programme in Bangladesh has grown to the extent that the existing aircraft is operating at full capacity, and the demand for flights from partners regularly exceeds the ability of the current single plane operation.

To enable MAF to continue providing, and expand, its vital service to the most disadvantaged people in the remote and inaccessible areas of Bangladesh, we need to purchase a second amphibious aircraft which will:

  • Enable MAF to provide a shuttle service through northern Bangladesh
  • Enable increased partnership in projects run by local NGOs
  • Ensure we can continue to provide a comprehensive emergency medical evacuation service
  • Provide extra capacity and flexibility for MAF to meet increased demand in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster
  • Provide coverage for routine maintenance downtime of the existing aircraft.

To cover the initial purchase cost, essential upgrades, modifications and transit fees required before the aircraft becomes operational, MAF requires £1,770,000.

Please contact us at or alternatively, telephone us on 01303 851948 for more information on how you can partner with us on this essential project.