Advent - Day 25

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MAF Advent with Gemma Hunt

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Christmas Day


It’s Christmas Day, and Mike’s small plane

Has reached the baby King,

With Jesus’ gifts inside his crate,

They could barely all fit in!

Foxtrot and Alpha had so much fun

On their adventure far and wide.

They’re glad that you could join them too

And hope you enjoyed the ride!

But your adventure in Mike’s small plane

Is part of God’s big plan

To tell the world about His love

And help those who need a hand.

So don’t forget that MAF

Is an airline bringing aid,

Reminding the world throughout the year

Of the gift that Jesus made.

Merry Christmas, one and all,

Enjoy this special day.

May God who loves you, give you peace

And bless you in every way!

MAF Advent Calendar Holly

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MAF Advent Calendar Holly

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