Advent Competition Winners

Check out who the winners are of our daily Advent Competition!

MAF Advent with Gemma Hunt

Day 1 – Sophie from Sheffield!

Day 2 – Leanne from Sevenoaks!

Day 3 – William from Sale!

Day 4 - Joshua from Dover!

Day 5 - Amelia from Devon!

Day 6 - Rebecca from Leicester!

Day 7 - Jaime from Nottingham!

Day 8 - Elena from Ashford!

Day 9 - Brenda from Rugby!

Day 10 - Joshua from Bury!

Day 11 - Edith from Bicester!

Day 12 - Andy from Cardiff!

Day 13 - Stephen from Bexhill-on-Sea!

Day 14 - Anna from Glasgow!

Day 15 - Emily from Bristol!

Day 16 - Ethan from Chippenham!

Day 17 - Lorelai from Folkestone!

Day 18 - Alfie from County Down!

Day 19 - Petra from Peterborough!

Day 20 - Alistair from Kilmarnock!

Day 21 - Lucas from Middlesex!

Day 22 - Amelia from Leicester!

Day 23 - Rebecca from Godalming!

Day 24 - Nathaniel from Kidderminster!

Bonus Day 24 - Michelle from Lancaster!


MAF Advent Calendar Holly

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