MAF in numbers

MAF goes the extra miles to bring help and hope to millions around the world. Here are some facts from the last year:

An MAF aircraft takes off and lands every 4 minutes

MAF does 119 hours of flying per day

MAF has around 135 aircraft serving in 26 countries

MAF flies 490 passengers per day

MAF flights serve around 1,500 different organisations

MAF flies 13,700 nautical miles per day

MAF flew more than 43,000 hours in 2015

MAF flew 178,000 passengers and 6 million kg of freight in 2015


26 countries served

32 skilled and dedicated UK families serving overseas

Around 135 aircraft

1,500 organisations served

Over 1,500 locations reached

More than 43,000 hours flown

Nearly 65,000 flights

Over 178,000 passengers flown

More than 5.5 million miles flown – that's more than 230 times around the equator

More than 6 million kg of aid and materials delivered