How we're funded

MAF provides a subsidised flight service to over 2000 relief and mission groups so they can bring help, hope and healing to the world's isolated people in need. Gifts from people like you make this possible.

MAF International

MAF International is the umbrella entity of a large number of MAF operations reaching isolated people in the Africa and Asia Pacific regions.

MAF UK is a key supporting member of MAF International, and provides a large porportion of the funds, skilled staff and prayer support needed to keep our planes in the air.

As a charity, we at MAF UK need support from people like you to keep our life-saving adventure going so that we can continue to take off or land every 4 minutes on a mission of hope.

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How are overseas staff funded?

Each person we recruit to serve overseas is required to raise funds to cover much of their ongoing support cost.

Our Ministry Partnerships team provides full training and guidance on how to raise support.

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How are flights paid for?

Normally, passengers contribute a highly-subsidised fare towards the true cost. The balance comes from people concerned that others should have a better life spiritually and physically.

In the UK, MAF is a registered charity funded by voluntary gifts which help finance MAF's operational work and support services.

Approximately 80% of all charitable giving goes directly to our operations overseas, enabling help and hope to reach remote or inaccessible places. The rest is used as a resource to enable us to raise awareness and generate funds.

If you support MAF, you will reach out to thousands of people in need. You will help provide a lifeline in an emergency. You will multiply the work of over 2,000 organisations that rely on our aircraft to transport NGOs, teachers, doctors, pastors, relief supplies, you name it.