History of MAF

Flying is not a luxury, it’s a lifeline. MAF operates in places of deepest human need. The vision for MAF was ignited by the fires of World War II

History of MAF

The idea was to use planes positively to spread the peace of God – rather than negatively to spread the conflict of man. By 1947, a small team had raised enough funds to buy the first European MAF aircraft.

Following a pioneering survey flight, Sudan was identified as the African nation most in need of MAF's services at the time. Regular operations started there in 1950. MAF helped open up new areas in the largely unreached swamps of the south and In 1953 we started flying from Sudan into Ethiopia. We then began operating in Kenya in 1959, Chad and Tanzania in the 1960s and 70s.

Sudan survey flight, 1948, no audio (along with the 1970s MAF logo!)

MAF also went on to become a worldwide network with many bases across the globe – in Australia/Oceania, the Americas, Asia and Africa.

Today, MAF has grown from a one-plane outfit to a dynamic international organisation that flies more than 130 light aircraft to around 1,400 destinations.

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Our mission is to fly spiritual care and physical help to people in need in remote places. We cross boundaries and overcome barriers.

'If Medair couldn't fly with MAF, we wouldn't be able to do anything,' says Lynas of Medair. 'MAF is very important to what we do.'

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