About us

We believe every community, however remote, should have the essentials for life.


Our vision is to 'To see isolated people changed by the love of Christ.'

Imagine if your community had no roads and little access to the outside world.

How would you or your family reach a doctor if you're sick or injured? How can you receive an education or job opportunities?

This is the reality for millions of people.

Jungles, mountains, swamps, insecurity and a dilapidated infrastructure are all barriers to receiving physical and spiritual care and a hope for the future.

How we help

Why we fly

We are Mission Aviation Fellowship - or MAF - a Christian mission organisation that uses planes to overcome these barriers. Our pilots and personnel deliver relief workers, doctors, pastors, school books, food, medicines - everything that can only be safely and speedily delivered by air. Our supporters give and pray to make this all possible.

With an MAF plane taking off or landing every four minutes, the need is huge. Will you partner with us?

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