A heartfelt “Thank you” to everyone in the MAF family!

In September 2017, we sent our supporters a letter entitled Help us buy a plane! More than 10,000 of them sent a gift towards a Cessna 208 Grand Caravan (like the one pictured below)

A heartfelt “Thank you” to everyone in the  MAF family!


And now – thanks to our supporters' remarkable response – we can purchase a Grand Caravan for our fleet in South Sudan, less than 250 days from when we first asked them to Help us buy a plane!

South Sudan Children MAF

Thanks to the MAF family’s magnificent outpouring of love, thousands of men, women and children in the world’s youngest nation will see their lives transformed.

The addition of the Grand Caravan to our South Sudan fleet will enable our partner organisations to reach many more people in need over the next decade and beyond.

South Sudan Diana MAF

This very special appeal is now closed but please keep an eye out for more articles about the plane’s progress in our Flying for Life magazine.

Our family of supporters are a constant inspiration to all of us at MAF.

God bless them all.