Update from Haiti

One month on from the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti, MAF’s four aircraft are still busy flying to outlying areas carrying relief supplies, food and personnel. Our team at the airport continues to coordinate flights and supplies coming in, helping to get them out to the people as quickly as possible.

Harry Berghuis, who many of you may remember from our UK Kodiak tour, has joined the Haiti team to help fly the Kodiak which was diverted there from Nampa in January.

Harry reports on some of the flights he has been involved in:

We flew a medical team to Jacmel. Jacmel is a little town with a beautiful bay on the west side of Haiti about a 10 minute flight from Port-au-Prince. It is as far from the epicentre as Port-au Prince and was also badly hit. It is great that teams are willing to come here to help too.

A road trip from Port-au-Prince to Jacmel normally takes around 4 hours.  At present, with the road badly damaged by landslides caused by the quake, it's a day trip. One doctor shared that people are also nervous to travel over land for safety reasons.

Don Driden, missionary of 35 years in Haiti, received our load of clothes and food in Port au Paix. He says that a lot of patients were brought over from Port-au-Prince, where hospitals are overloaded. That is where he will take this load. More is needed and more will be brought in in the coming days. I also was able to bring a load of food to Pignon where local missionaries will take care of the distribution. All over Haiti there are now refugees that have left Port au Prince.

Refugees have also gone to Anse Rouge, in the North of Haiti.  People there were already suffering from a drought before the quake, and it’s hard to get good drinking water.

Some are taking a donkey ride for 1 1/2 hours to get drinking water and then the same back. A Texan business man, James, brought in a lot of bucket filters and he allowed us to take a bunch over to this area, together with some food. MAF has good connections with missionaries there and they are able to help the people in that area with the food and supplies we fly in.

Continue to pray for the people of Haiti while they struggle with rebuilding their lives, and pray for our team as they seek to help reach those in need.




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