The future of Sudan?

Jan King, recent former missionary in southern Sudan, shares the following update and prayer items. Please remember the nation of Sudan in your prayers at this critical time.

Sudan update

The time is drawing near for the most important day in the history of Sudan. On Sunday 9 January, the people will be voting in the Referendum.

This is to decide whether Sudan is to remain as one country, or to divide into North and South Sudan.

Tensions are running extremely high, and there is already a lot of conflict in the border areas.
So Christians around the world have been asked to pray every day for the situation.

It is widely agreed that the great majority of those in the south wish to secede. However, the north is not happy about this, as most of the oil lies in the south. If the south wins the vote, there is a possibility that war might break out again. Please, Lord, not that!

Join Mission Aviation Fellowship in praying for Sudan

President al-Bashir has threatened southerners living in the north that, if the south secedes, the north will come under strict Islamic (Sharia) Law. This will make life very difficult – even dangerous – for the thousands of southerners and all Christians who have settled in the north.

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There has already been a mass exodus of southerners who were living in the north, so that they can vote. They will be flooding areas in the south where there is very little to sustain them, in a country that has been so impoverished by the war.

Please pray:

  • That the ballot papers and boxes will be in place in time for voting to take place
  • That the many illiterate people will be able to understand where to make their mark
  • That the voting will be free and fair
  • That there may be no threats or attacks on those trying to vote
  • That all those who have registered will be able to travel to the right place for them to vote
  • That the whole referendum will be conducted peacefully
  • For the international observers
  • For safety for any ex-pats who choose to remain in the country during the referendum.

Pray for the outcome:

  • That both sides will accept the result and will work together for a peaceful way forward
  • That the Church will be a steadying force and will give a message of peace and reconciliation.

A prayer from Sudan:

Father God, Lead the citizens of Sudan to become well informed as they prepare to make critical choices that will have a far-reaching impact.

Fill their hearts anew with your Holy Spirit so that they may turn from all forms of violence.
Inspire them to honour, respect and care for one another.

As they exercise their vote, may they do so in safety.

Guide their leaders to plan and conduct a referendum that is free and open and honest.

God, who establishes justice, give Sudan courage to challenge injustice and to work together to build a Sudan in which all have enough to eat, where blessed peace prevails and justice is known throughout the country.

MAF in Sudan

The MAF team is based in Juba, the capital of southern Sudan. While wives and children of our international staff have left the country, a core team continue to maintain our vital flight operations.

Please remember the team in your prayers, and the staff of our partner missions and organisations based in Juba and remote communities across the south.

Click here to find out more about our work in southern Sudan.

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