Reaching Bukasa Island

8 September 2011

Bukasa Island in Lake Victoria is an area with limited education and medical care due to its isolated location.



A trip to Bukasa from mainland Uganda would usually take 8 hours, often in an unsafe and overloaded wooden canoe.For the MAF team in Uganda their flight to the island took only 20 minutes from Kajjansi airfield enabling the team to take two treadle sewing machines, water filters, tents for their overnight stay and all their necessary equipment to show a film.

Journey to Kisaba by tractor.

Travelling alongside MAF Uganda were Jesus Film Ministries, Scripture Union, Surrey Chapel, Norwich and RainCatchers, all able to reach some of the most inaccessible areas where MAF serves. Once at Bukasa the only travel options are two tractors, a few small motorcycles, bicycles and by foot. Thankfully for the journey from Bukasa airfield to Kisaba, about six miles away, a tractor was available.

On arrival the team were greeted by the pastors, church members and villagers and were shown where they could set up camp for the night, followed by a meal and tour of the local village. The village consists of mostly wooden houses and shops, built on either bare earth or piles of stones, many situated amongst unsanitary open drains.

Two members, John from Scripture Union and Dennis from RainCatchers, had gone ahead of the group by motorcycle to meet with the people and visit schools and a clinic, making plans for the future and providing water filters. These filters will make vast improvements to the health of the community by turning the lake water that carries diseases such as typhoid, cholera and bugs such as bilharzia into clean drinking water. The treadle sewing machines will encourage the prostitutes who live near the church to earn a living safely and ensure they can survive without the need to sell themselves.

Tour of the village

Drinking clean water from the new water filters

That evening after watching the Jesus film outside of the church, six people of varied ages made a commitment to change their lives and follow Jesus. One man admitted to stealing from passengers on his boat and wanted to change his ways after witnessing the difference in his close friend who only 3 months ago became Christian.

We are hoping to undertake more regular flights to Bukasa Island, where MAF can assist the people in this remote area alongside other organisations. We are also making further plans to build airstrips on other islands in Ssese and now have permission to build one on Buvu Island, for MAF to provide essential medical care and improved education.


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