Post-quake story: Fast food

When a natural disaster occurs, food availability is one of the major issues for those affected.

Needless to say, a lot of emergency food aid was sent to Haiti following the earthquake.

With all the supplies arriving at the airport in Port-au-Prince, MAF played a key role in the logistical challenge of getting the food to where it was needed.

One of the key destinations identified was Anse Rouge, on the plateau, where we support the work of Lemuel Mission. With the area already experiencing drought, and with a weak infrastructure further crippled, our aircraft proved to be a real lifeline.

In 2000 the people of Anse Rouge built their airstrip by hand. With the whole area filled with dangerous thorns, this was no easy challenge, but when the MAF plane landed after three months’ hard work, the people were very pleased. But they didn’t fully understand or know all the benefits of this airstrip till years later.

Gifts from the sky

Unloading food in Anse Rouge Unloading food supplies from the MAF plane at Anse Rouge, Haiti

A lot of food sent from America was American-style food, much of which is unfamiliar to Haitians, many who would not know how to cook it or prepare it. We flew much of it out to missionaries. A large mission team is serving in Anse Rouge, and a lot of people walked to Anse Rouge from devastated Port-au-Prince after the quake.  

'Last week, five MAF planes landed carrying food for this area,' commented Bonita Sparling of Lemuel Ministries. 'One person commented, now I see that it was for this day that we built this airstrip. Food boxes arrived and the people gave thanks to God for this provision. Yesterday two more planes landed. This time with food boxes but with 6 boxes of special food!

'There are two students here from Canada. The girl has been adjusting well to life here and the culture but at times you miss certain things, such as cereal. For the guy here he’s been craving macaroni and cheese.

Schoolchildren each receive a pair of sandals, flown by MAF to Anse Rouge, Haiti Building guesthouses in Anse Rouge, Haiti

Then yesterday, in these special boxes CEREAL and MACARONI AND CHEESE!!! Oh the delight. This morning they were so excited to get up and have breakfast. Our house here is also filled with friends from Port-au-Prince who have lost their homes in the earthquake. They are enjoying the food with us too. One of the girls who just came from the capital had her brother die in her arms. A smile came to her face as we enjoyed the cereal together. There has been very difficult things happening here but when special gifts like this arrive it reminds you that God is still there and delights good things to his children.'

'We also had boxes of sandals come yesterday! There are about 70 children in our school and we were able to give everyone in the school a pair of sandals with extras we could give to the kids that come to club on Sunday.

'The food boxes from yesterday will be going to the men and their families who have been building guesthouses for people coming here from Port-au-Prince. We have started three and would like to build more as funds are available.

'We are grateful for all that God is doing and how he is using the body of Christ around the world to help in very specific ways in times of great need.'

Dear MAF...

Hi, my name is Jon and I am the one who craves macaroni and cheese. I have had the privilege of assisting the unloading of the MAF planes that are bringing food, water, shoes, etc. To see how the distribution happens is great.

There are many people especially students, who were attending school in Port-au-Prince at the time of the earthquake but are now back here. This area is not very productive area because of drought. Therefore these students would not have had as may meals as they have had with the MRE food packs that MAF has brought.

I wanted to thank you for your willingness to be God’s instruments in these people’s lives. Thank you also for the mac and cheese, the food here is great but sometimes it’s nice to have a little bit of home. So once again THANK YOU!!!!

Jon Stitt
Manitoba, Canada

Jon Stitt, food beneficiary in Anse Rouge, HaitiI wanted to thank you for your willingness to be God’s instruments in these people’s lives.Jon Stitt

Anna Elgby, food beneficiary in Anse Rouge, HaitiAll the trips you have made up here with supplies have been so encouraging and brought so much joy.Anna Elgby

Dear MAF...

What a blessing you have been to us! Thank you so much for your care for all of us here on the Plateau. All the trips you have made up here with supplies have been so encouraging and brought so much joy. Your work and care will not soon be forgotten, especially as we have many reminders every time we open the cupboard.

Thank you very much for the treats and North American food you flew up the other day. The excitement at seeing the granola bars, macaroni, milk, and most of all Froot Loops was so great. I had just remarked days before that the only food I was really missing from home was Froot Loops- so what a blessing and surprise to get them the next day in a MAF flight. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a bowl so much!

Through your hard work and concern for the people of Haiti I have been reminded of the verse in 2 Thessalonians 3:13, “But as for you brethren do not grow weary in doing good.” I have truly seen this verse lived out in your faithfulness to serve and do good, even in making five trips up here in one day. It has been a good challenge and example to me. Thank you once again for the difference you have made here on the Plateau and of course for the Froot Loops! God Bless you as you continue to serve Him.

Anna Elgby

Food for water

The United Nations provided MAF with a lot of MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) to distribute. These are familiar to Haitians as, following every disaster, the military comes in with tons of MREs. We sent several plane loads of MREs to meet the needs in Anse Rouge. It was used in a work for food project digging large holes to hold water when it rains.

Bonita Sparling explains, 'This week the men from three different areas have been working very hard on their water holes. To encourage the men we have been giving them food. MAF has been sending up flights with food (MRE’s) and this is what we have been sharing with the men who have been working.

MREs gratefully received

'Each Friday the food is handed out. Last week we gave out our last boxes. The church prayed and on Tuesday a flight came with food. It was enough food for two areas. Everyone was praising the Lord. Then on Wednesday another flight came! Wow - now there was enough food for the third area as well. The church here is so grateful to the Lord for these answered prayers!

'The men’s families have grown considerably with so many of their family moving out of Port. They are happy for the food we give them. It helps them a lot!

'We pray for rain to fill these water holes so they can water their gardens. THANK YOU so much for your gifts!'

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