MAF provides vital aviation services to mission agencies, national churches, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) ministering in Mozambique.


The Need:

Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world. The majority of its population lives in poverty, and one out of every six children dies before the age of five. AIDS, malaria, and malnutrition continue to present major health problems.

The country’s transportation system is severely deteriorated due to years of brutal civil war, neglect, and extensive flooding in some regions. Nearly twice the size of California, Mozambique has barely 2,000 miles of reasonably paved roads, with an additional 1,500 miles seriously undermined by potholes and huge washed out sections. Consequently, missionaries and other aid organizations lose precious time trying to reach needy people via four-wheel-drive vehicles. Tragically, people groups in the deepest interior can only be reached by foot.

Although the government has made significant progress, corruption and apathy worsen the situation and frustrate attempts by religious and humanitarian organisations to help.
Northern Mozambique is home to what may be the least evangelized people groups in southern Africa. Islam dominates most northern villages, with animism and ancestor worship prevailing in the vast rural regions. Powerful witch doctors and healers fuel fear, superstition, and mistrust.


The Solution:

MAF has been enabling and maximizing ministry in Mozambique since 1999. From its base in Nampula, MAF serves those who work with the Makua, Makonde, Lomwe, Chuabo, Yao and other people groups of northern Mozambique.

With the help of MAF, missionaries are able to reach more people with the Good News of the Gospel. A journey that formerly required three grueling days of travel by truck, and much longer on foot, now takes only hours or even minutes by MAF aircraft.

Many of the MAF flights in Mozambique support community development projects. Using MAF services, humanitarian groups can more effectively provide agricultural assistance, environmental protection, literary programs, and rural development assistance.

Assisted by MAF, Christian missions serving in northern Mozambique significantly increase their capacity for evangelism, Bible translation, and leadership development for struggling, indigenous churches. In addition to aviation services, MAF provides technical assistance with computers and facilitates the purchase, storage and forwarding of cargo and supplies.
MAF has continued its efforts to establish a flying doctor service in Mozambique.

Relationships have been established with the directors of the Ministry of Health, the rector of a medical school, and the governor of Nampula province. They support the venture but cannot provide funding. A Dutch Christian doctor is expected to arrive by the end of 2008 to work full-time on this project. Once established, the flying doctor service will provide medical care to thousands of Mozambican villagers who live and die under the care of feared witch doctors.

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