Monday to Friday blessings in East Timor

24 August 2012

It's Friday, and the end of another full working week of flying for life for MAF in East Timor, a small mountainous nation with great needs.

Using our GA8 Airvan aircraft based in Dili, pilot Jonathan Lowe was able to overcome the barriers of mountains and a weak infrastructure to enable our passengers, who are involved in medical, development and education work, to get to their destinations safely and quickly.

The Airvan also became an air ambulance, speeding local patients who urgently needed to get to a hospital. 

Read the below photo diary for more details.

Monday 20 August

Monday's flights were firstly for a team from the Leprosy Mission, to drop them at Oecusse, then an afternoon medevac from Oecusse back to Dili for a 30 year old woman in a coma.

Monday's flight

Tuesday 21 August

Tuesday's flight went to Los Palos, taking Kirsty Gusmao -  the Goodwill ambassador for Education and the wife of the Prime Minister - and a team from a church in Melbourne to the opening of some new school buildings.

Tuesday's flight

Wednesday 22 August

Wednesday's planned flight to Suai, Maliana and Dili had to be changed when another medevac request came from Oecusse - actually a triple medevac.

The three patients - a child and two adults were flown to hospital, along with three escorts and a nurse.

Wednesday's flight

Thursday 23 August

Two flights took place yesterday, firstly a scenic flight over Dili for the visiting family of one of our regular Oxfam passengers. After that, a flight to Same taking a WaterAid staff member and family who are relocating there.

Thursday's flight

Friday 24 August

MAF East Timor's flight today (Friday) supported an agricultural training project. The team with Caritas were flown to Oecusse so they can spend the day in a village with a group of 150 farmers evaluating the effects of their programmes.

Friday's flight

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