MAF plane on its way to Chad


A new aircraft is currently on its way from the Netherlands to Chad.

The modified Cessna 182 left Holland on Friday morning (23 March) and is being flown by former MAF pilots Herman Sterken and Jeroen Knevel.

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Monday 26 March 11.00am 

Safely arrived yesterday in N'Djaména Chad, after refuelling in Agades, Niger. We thank God for an uneventful flight except for 80nm out of Chad when we had a low voltage/Alternator Out warning, which we could reset! We were glad that there were no sandstorms when we arrived as Air France flights have diverted in previous days to Douala in Cameroon. Will post more pictures as soon as I am back in Holland! Enjoying today a bit more the 39° Celsius! It was a warm welcome yesterday, the whole MAF-Chad team was awaiting our arrival! Thank you all!


Friday 23 March 9.10pm 

This was the first day broken up in 2 legs of about 3 hours of flying, so 6 hours in total, tomorrow will be into Africa, Algiers about 10 hours of flying...

The 2nd leg over the Pyrenees was a bit cloudy with a lot of cumulus were we picked up some ice, but when we asked ATC for a descent we broke out of the clouds en could see Perpignan.

A bit later we were asked to listen out on the emergency frequency whether we heard an emergency signal (ELT Locator Transmitter), when we tuned in 121.5 indeed we heard it. We replied to ATC and confirmed, we surely hope it was just a fault....

Friday 23 March 8.50pm

Friday 23 March 8.41pm

Safely arrived at Mallorca, great place, and cheap! Never thought for slightly more than 50 Euro's you can get a room AND dinner And Breakfast, MAF will be pleased... :p

Fri 23 March at 12.00pm

Leaving for Palma de Mallorca... Expecting some weather although all is looking promising...

Fri 23 March at 11.00am

Arrived @ Clermont, no problems encountered other then a full bladder.... ;-))

Thu 22 March at 10.00pm

Preparing ferry-flight to Chad to deliver a C182-SMA Diesel for the Mission Aviation Fellowship: tomorrow departure to Clermont, France and thereafter Palma de Mallorca, hope the thunderstorms are out of my way... Africa here I come again! :p



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