Dedication of MAF's first Kodiak

MAF's first Kodiak 100 aircraft, specially designed for the challenges of mission aviation, was recently dedicated in Nampa, USA.  The event was attended by more than 900 people. 

John Boyd, CEO of MAF USA, shares:  'It is both exciting and humbling to be in the midst of a project that God has blessed so abundantly'.

One of the advantages of the Kodiak, designed by Quest, is that it operates on jet fuel, rather than Avgas which is more expensive and scarce.  It is partly why MAF hopes to replace several of its Cessna 206 aircraft over the next few years with Kodiaks or Cessna Caravans.

Kodiak 100 aircraft - image courtesy of Quest

The concept of the Kodiak started in 1985. A meeting between MAF pilot David L Voetmann and aircraft designer Tom Hamilton began the prpcess of producing a brand new specialist mission aircraft.

The plane will be used in our operations in Papua, Indonesia.

The new Kodiak 100 aicraft arrives in Nampa, USA

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