Building a church on sandbags

One of the farthest regions that Mission Aviation Fellowship's Kenya operation flies to is the Blue Nile region in Sudan.

This is for Christian Family Network (CFNet) whose main ministry is to plant churches amongst unreached people groups. Medical and evangelistic teams are regularly going into the region.

MAF pilot Aarno Alanne recently flew founder Joe Jones and five others to the Blue Nile region of Sudan, where the team partnered with local villagers to complete a church building for the local fellowship previously planted by CFNet. 

Hard work

Here are some extracts from CFNet's most recent trip report:

“Praise report is that the church building was completed, but not without challenges. Four of the six team members were sick for some or all of the time; most likely heat exhaustion, so the labour force was severely reduced.

"New CFNet missionary, Karin Cowan, recruited 20 women and had them filling bags with sand from the river bed and carrying the bags to the building site; carrying water to the site to mix cement, filling the sandbags and plastering. The only drawback to this impressive building crew was that the ladies needed to have 20 minute breaks every 3 to 4 hours to breastfeed!

"Karin was very moved by the plight of the women in the area and would like to live with the JumJum during the dry season.

"Culturally, men cannot instruct women who are not their wives, therefore Karin wishes to spend time with Pastor Ayub's wife Mary and the other ladies teaching them about the Bible.”

On the walls

Team member Harry Argo continued with Bible translation work that he started last year in the local JumJum language, and there are now Scriptures in JumJum written on the walls of the school room.

Local JumJum ladies carrying sand from the river to the building site Church building in the village Colourful and cheerful School students with Bible translation on the wall

Bible translation
Pastor Ayub Abdullah preaching
Mixing cement for plastering

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