Since 1989, MAF has been providing essential support for NGOs, missions and churches in the drought stricken and war-torn country of Angola.

Having gained independence from Portugal in 1975, Angola erupted into a civil war which lasted 27 years. MAF began operating in Angola in 1989 in the midst of war.

Angola is slowly emerging from the effects of war and has been officially at peace since 2002. However up to 1.5 million lives may have been lost - and 4 million people displaced - in the years of fighting.

The Needs are Great

Over four million Angolans are without health care of any sort. According to one doctor the level of health care for most Angolan women is equal with that of a woman in 16th century England. MAF has a huge opportunity to share the love of Christ by meeting the physical needs of the people.

Another big problem is landmines. There about 11 million people in Angola and the same number of landmines scattered around the countryside making farming in some areas extremely risky. One of the agencies MAF flies for, HALO Trust, estimates that to clear the landmines from only three villages will take 5-10 years.


Key Organisations Served in Angola

• Action Against Hunger
• CEML (Evangelical Medical Centre of Lubango)
• HALO Trust (de-mining organisation)
• Intersos
• Norwegian People’s Aid
• Red Cross
• Rise International
• Samaritan’s Purse


Angola Country Profile

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