Flying for Life for 75 years

A milestone in our lifesaving mission


Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) was born out of the ashes of WWII when a handful of RAF men dreamed of using aviation to help those living in the most isolated places.  Founded in 1945, MAF’s early assets were the vision, passion and determination of a handful of pioneers, who shared a love of aviation and strong Christian faith.

After rallying funds for MAF’s first aircraft in 1948 – a Miles Gemini – Flight Lieutenant Stuart King and former Squadron Leader Jack Hemmings began a six-month mission to explore how aircraft could assist the work of humanitarian missions dotted across Africa. With little more than a map, compass and wartime RAF experience, they encountered hazardous terrain, blistering heat and unimaginable needs.


MAF Historical - 1948 MAF survey of eastern and central Africa in the Gemini 'Mildmay Pathfinder' Stuart King & Jack Hemmings.jpg


The pair pioneered a way for humanitarian aviation to spread across the globe.

Since establishing its first mission base in Sudan in 1950, MAF has faced turmoil, hostility and rapid change in Africa, yet has continued to expand to meet growing needs around the world.

Now operating 131 light aircraft in 26 developing countries from Bangladesh to Ecuador, Haiti to Papua New Guinea, MAF delivers lifesaving aid, humanitarian personnel and disaster relief to some of the poorest and most inaccessible communities on earth.


MAF 2018 South Maasai Safari, Tanzania


Over the last 75 years, MAF has constantly advanced the scope of its operation by modernising its aircraft, equipping its staff and improving its capabilities to become a global leader in humanitarian aviation.

Today MAF is the world’s largest humanitarian airline flying to more remote destinations than the top three commercial airlines combined. Every four minutes, an MAF aircraft takes off or lands somewhere in the world.


MAF 2018 Aerial view of unloading cargo in Marolambo

To mark its 75th year, MAF is hosting a variety of events and campaigns to thank millions of worldwide supporters and spread the word about its lifesaving mission – and we’d love you to celebrate with us!

Celebrate with us ONLINE!

  • Pray for Sudan

    MAF's 75th Virtual Events - Yesterday, Today and Forever

    Last year, MAF celebrated 75 years of our life-changing mission to bring help, hope and healing to some of the most isolated people in the world. Catch up with a series of three virtual events we broadcasted live at the end of November 2020.

  • Pray for Sudan

    Above and Beyond - Order now!

    Above and Beyond recalls MAF’s first tentative steps into the unknown, in the years immediately after World War II, and goes on to tell our story throughout the decades up to the present day. It’s a lively account of MAF that honours the past while looking to the future. We believe it will help readers gain an even greater understanding of the reach and diversity of our life-saving work, which has touched so many thousands of lives.

  • Pray for Sudan

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