Join us and support some of the most unreachable people on earth. Together, we can bring help, hope and healing to isolated people in need.

Giving Tuesday 2023

As the UNHCR faces a 61% funding gap, refugees fleeing from conflict into Uganda, now also face a life-threatening food shortage. This Giving Tuesday your donation will be DOUBLED thanks to other generous supporters.

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First Christmas Appeal

Back in the summer, 17-year-old mum-to-be Eliazefa developed complications late in her pregnancy. ‘I felt cramping in my belly,’ she recalls.

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Ruth Appeal

‘When the bullet went inside me, I felt severe pain.’ Find out more about Ruth's life-saving flight and donate today.

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‘Relief’ Appeal

Today, a population practically the size of the UK’s is starving to death. Find out more and donate today!

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Uganda Hunger Appeal

Global crises like the war in Ukraine, the Horn of Africa drought and the Turkey-Syria earthquake are impacting the allocation of humanitarian aid. This has led to severe food rationing in Uganda’s refugee camps – a country which hosts more refugees than any other African country...

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My MAF Community

Connection is not just about sharing information. It’s exchanges of humanity, emotion, and support. Connection is what we are made for.

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MAF is joining the fight against malaria in more than 25 low-income countries across the world.

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‘Grace’ Appeal

‘This girl is living a miserable life’. Please make a gift today so we can continue to fly vulnerable passengers like Grace whenever they need us.

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Time in Their Shoes

Be Part of MAF’s Latest Fundraiser

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