Paul has lived in out of refugee camps his whole life (credit: Damalie Hirwa)

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Paul has lived in out of refugee camps his whole life (credit: Damalie Hirwa)
Church and Evangelism
Conflict, Peace and Reconciliation
13 Nov 2023
As 100s of DRC refugees enter Uganda, MAF flies in partners of hope
More than 1,200 people from the DRC fled to Uganda on 13 November to escape fresh attacks by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF). Uganda hosts the most refugees in Africa, but when do they return home? MAF’s Damalie Hirwa asks Paul – a second generation refugee, and MAF partner Flame International, who support survivors of war ...
MAF co-founder Jack Hemmings AFC holds Lockheed Hudson propellor at London’s RAF Museum (credit: Jo Lamb)
High Fliers
10 Nov 2023
MAF pioneer reunites with WW2 aircraft ahead of Remembrance Day
On 6 November, the 102-year-old RAF veteran and MAF co-founder Jack Hemmings AFC was reunited with one of his favourite aircraft at London’s RAF Museum - a Lockheed Hudson, which he flew during World War II ...
High Fliers
27 Oct 2023
Missionary Maud Kells OBE dies peacefully at the age of 84
It’s with great sadness that we must announce the peaceful passing of missionary and MAF’s friend Maud Kells OBE who died yesterday at the age of 84, following a short illness. A dedicated servant of God, Maud gave 54 years of her life to improving health and education in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We thank God for her incredible life ...
MAF supplies & delivers 100s of solar-powered audio Bibles across rural PNG every year (credit: Joy Suarkia)
Church and Evangelism
17 Oct 2023
MAF delivers 100s of audio Bibles to people who can’t read in PNG
Only 63.4% of Papua New Guinea’s population can read and write, according to PNG’s ‘The National’, with illiteracy rates even higher in remote, rural areas. In a bid to make the Bible more accessible, MAF’s been supplying and transporting hundreds of solar-powered audio Bibles to isolated communities in northern PNG, so that villagers can listen to God’s word in their own language at the press of a button ...
MAF’s Jean Felix Razandimy (L) & Solofo Rakotoandrianarivonjy (R) load up the lifesaving polio vaccine (Irina Randriamandrato)
14 Oct 2023
MAF delivers polio vaccine all over Madagascar
This autumn, MAF delivered 7,570kg of the polio vaccine and information packs on 10 flights to 23 remote locations across Madagascar as part of a UNICEF backed vaccination drive to eradicate the disease. MAF’s Irina Randriamandrato speaks to the people behind the campaign ...
Little Ojiya has had three lots of surgery in her short life (credit: Jenny Davies)
Women and Girls
12 Oct 2023
MAF medevacs 3-year-old Ojiya to hospital for more lifesaving surgery
Thanks to MAF, Ojiya from Juba in South Sudan has just undergone another lifesaving operation in Nairobi, Kenya, avoiding a gruelling four-day road trip to hospital. Born with gastroschisis – a hole in her tummy – Ojiya’s bowel formed outside of her body in her mother’s womb. MAF’s Jenny Davies brings us the latest ...
The Kohers land at Boise Airport in Idaho, US (credit: MAF US)
MAF Operations
My MAF Community
06 Oct 2023
Pilot Ryan Koher and family finally back in US!
Last week, a judge lifted travel restrictions and authorised passports to be returned to pilot Ryan Koher and orphanage volunteers Willem du Plessis and Eric Dry, allowing them to finally leave Mozambique ...
Celebratory speeches at Gove Airport - MAF Arnhem Land’s base (credit: MAF Arnhem Land)
MAF History
MAF Operations
30 Sep 2023
MAF Arnhem Land celebrates 50th birthday!
50 years ago, MAF inherited Arnhem Land’s first ever Christian aviation operation founded by pilot Rev Harold Shepherdson in the 1930s. ‘Sheppy’ began reaching the isolated Yolngu tribe in Australia’s Northern Territory with his single seater Health Parasol aircraft - self-built from a kit. Today, MAF Arnhem Land boasts 2 Cessna 208 Caravans and 6 GA8 Airvans, flying to over 50 destinations, serving hundreds of people every week ...
Livestock are the lifeblood of Kenya’s pastoralist communities (credit: Jacqueline Mwende)
Natural Environment
05 Sep 2023
MAF flies vets to Kenya as climate change takes its toll
In the first ever African Climate Summit held in Nairobi, leaders across the continent are tackling the fallout from increasingly extreme weather. After months of drought followed by a deluge, Kenya alone has lost millions of livestock, which are the lifeblood of isolated farming communities. MAF’s Jacqueline Mwende reports on how MAF has been flying in vets to care for ailing animals ...
During her 40-year career, Janice has flown with MAF hundreds of times (credit: Dr Janice Cotrone)
Conflict, Peace and Reconciliation
High Fliers
31 Aug 2023
‘He held an M16 rifle right in my back’ – Janice survives Haiti
Dr Janice Cotrone, Dean of the Wesleyan University’s Haiti School of Nursing, was forced to leave Haiti a year ago when gang violence made life in Haiti too dangerous. In MAF UK’s latest podcast episode, the MAF frequent flyer tells Josh Carter how she survived armed robbery and why she depended on MAF for over 30 years ...
Conflict, Peace and Reconciliation
MAF Operations
25 Aug 2023
New podcast Ep.4 – Navigating Haiti
With gang violence on the rise, we hear from pilot Eric Fagerland who’s overseeing MAF operations in Port-Au-Prince, and frequent flyer Dr Janice Cotrone who survived armed robbery.
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